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We have created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below, which will hopefully answer yours! Please write us an email to football@greatdays.co.uk if you have any other query about the tours.

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Soccer Coaching Experience

Q. What age groups can participate in the Soccer Coaching Experience?

A. The Soccer Coaching Experience is available to all age groups.

Q. What skills level do I need to have?

A. The Soccer Coaching Experience is available to all skill levels.

Q. Is the Soccer Coaching Experience only for school groups? 

A. No, the Soccer Coaching Experience is available for school groups as well as for leisure groups.

Q. What is the required group size?

A. Ideally the group should be no larger than 10-20 people.

Once In A Lifetime Experience

Q. How many different experiences can I combine to one package?

A. You can combine as many different experience blocks as you like.

Q. For how many people can an incentive trip be organised? 

A. The number of people is up to you.

Matchday Hospitality

Q. Is the Matchday Hospitality Package only available for home games? 

A. So far the Matchday Hospitality Package is only available for games taking place in Old Trafford.

Q. How do I know who Manchester plays against next? 

A. Please find Manchester United FC’s fixture for 2017/18 here.

Q. Can I do a stadium tour on the matchday as well?

A. No, unfortunately the stadium is not open to tours on a matchday.

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